Terms & Conditions

Before ordering any goods or services from this website, please carefully read the terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") listed below. You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by placing any orders for Products or Services over this website, by phone, or through our mobile applications.

Section 1               Introduction

  • We are Tazzabazar.com, a brand extension of the brand TAZZABAZAR (Rishona International Ltd.)

Section 2               Definitions

  • The term "Agreement" refers to the following terms and conditions, the privacy statement, any order forms, and payment instructions that may have been given to you.
  • Privacy Policy" refers to the statement that describes how we gather and store your personal data and is available on our website
  • You, the person who accesses this website and orders any goods or services from it or through any other channel made available by tazzabazar.com, are referred to as "you," "your," and "yours.
  • "Tazzabazar.com," "we," "us," and "our" refer to the Corporation
  • "Goods" refers to any items we may occasionally offer for sale through our website
  • The terms "Service" or "Services" refer to any service we may offer and that you may request through our website
  • Perishable or non-perishable grocery items and any delivery service are both referred to as "Grocery Delivery," and our matching businesses offer both.
  • "Website" refers to our website (http://www.tazzabazar.com) or our mobile applications, both of which are platforms we provide our goods and services.

Section 3                Ordering

  • For the provision of Products or Services from this Website, any contract is between you and Tazzabazar.com; for the supply of Grocery Delivery from this Website, any contract is between you and the appropriate outlets. You pledge to use extra caution while giving us your information and guarantee that it is correct and complete when ordering. Additionally, you guarantee that the credit or debit card information you supply is for your actual credit or debit card and that you have enough money to cover the payment.
  • Grocery Deliveries, the goods you buy from this website, and the services you use are all intended solely for you. You guarantee that none of the goods you buy is intended for resale and that, when using the services, you are acting alone as the client and not as an agent.
  • Please be aware that sure of our products might only be appropriate for particular age groups. Be sure the product is appropriate for the intended recipient before placing your order.
  • It's possible that you'll need to give your email address and password in order to place a purchase on this website. You must take care to keep the combination of this information secret and keep it from being disclosed to outside parties.
  • While we will use every reasonable precaution to keep the details of your order and payment secure, to the extent that it is within our control to do so, we will not be liable for any loss you may incur should a third party obtain unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the Website.
  • Any order you place with us is subject to our acceptance, product availability, weight and price variations, shipping capabilities, and other factors. We will contact you by phone, email, or SMS to confirm that we have received your order when you place it online. This confirmation—or any of the other forms mentioned—will be generated automatically so that you have proof of the specifics of your order. If any information is wrong, please let us know right away. The fact that you automatically receive a confirmation does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your transaction. We'll check our delivery capabilities and availability when we deliver the confirmation email.
  • The confirmation message will include delivery information, such as the approximate cost and delivery window selected by the system or by you, as well as the approximate cost and item weight of the delivery, goods, and services purchased.
  • We shall also notify you by text message (SMS) or phone call if the Deliveries and Items are unavailable if there is an insufficient delivery capacity, or if any other information is needed.

Section 4               Prices and Payment

  • For the provision of Goods or Services from this Website, any contract is between you and Tazzabazar.com; for the supply of Delivery from this Website, any contract is between you and the corresponding outlet. You pledge to use extra caution while giving us your information and guarantee that it is correct and complete when ordering. Additionally, you guarantee that the credit or debit card information you supply is for your actual credit or debit card and that you have enough money on hand to cover the payment.
  • We reserve the right to change any pricing stated on the Website in the future, although they are all estimates at the time of publishing. Prices include all applicable sales taxes. Also, we retain the right to stop listing restaurants, Products, or Services and change the Items or Services offered for sale on the Website.
  • Tazzabazar.com lists all the prices for goods and services on the website as they are at the time of listing. To keep them current, we take considerable care. If the price mentioned is not the actual pricing, we will contact you to let you know about the changes and give you the option to cancel the transaction.
  • When you place your purchase on the website, the total cost of your Grocery Delivery, goods, or services, including delivery fees and other costs, will be shown. For all delivered goods and services, full payment is required. Cash or, if offered on the website, online payment through a credit or debit card must be used for payment. Due to price, weight, and different product variations, payment may also vary.
  • If you choose online payment, you must pay for your order before it is delivered. Your debit/credit card information will be encrypted to ensure that online shopping is secure and that no one can see it when it is transmitted over the internet. To verify that you are the one placing the order, your credit card company could also do security checks.

Section 5             Delivery

  • The delivery times listed at the time of ordering are simply estimates and are subject to change. The goods will be delivered to your specified address when placing your order.
  • Our in-house delivery system delivers each and every order. We will try our best to deliver before the deadline, but we won't be responsible for any losses you incur after receiving the delivery. Please get in touch with our customer support team if the goods are delivered after the expected delivery date we have provided.
  • Tazzabazar.com won't cancel or refund the shipping fee in the event of delayed delivery. Any discretion is open to consideration.
  • If you don't accept delivery when it's ready for you to receive it or if we can't deliver at the designated time because you didn't provide us with the proper instructions or authorizations, then the risk and liability for the products will transfer to you. They will be considered delivered to you. You are liable for paying any storage, insurance, and other expenses we incur due to our inability to deliver, and you agree to reimburse us for those expenses fully.
  • To ensure that the delivery of groceries and/or other items is made safely, you must make all necessary arrangements, including access, at the time of delivery. We are not responsible for any damage, cost, or expense to the items or the premises that results from inadequate delivery arrangements or access restrictions.
  • Please be aware that, even within the designated zones, we may be unable to deliver to all locations. If this is the case, we will contact you using the information you provide when placing your order to let you know and make arrangements to have your order canceled or delivered to a different address;
  • Any order placed by a customer to a location that is not included on our website's area list or that is not in the deliverable zone may be canceled by Tazzabazar.

Section 6           Cancellation/Return/Refund

  • If you decide to cancel your order, you must contact us immediately, preferably by phone, and include your order number and as many specifics as possible about the cancellation.
  • Due to product availability issues, weight and pricing discrepancies, or any other reason, we reserve the right to terminate a contract. If this happens, we'll let you know and reimburse any money you've already paid;
  • We would refund or re-credit your debit or credit card with the total amount, including the initial delivery charge (where applicable) that you paid for the delivery of the Goods or the Services, as applicable, within 21 days if the cancellation was made in time before the delivery vehicles are dispatched. You must phone us at +8801951515121 to receive more help if the refund is not modified within 21 days of the start date.
  • You have the right to refuse delivery of the incorrect item before receiving it. In the unlikely event that our delivery crew does, you will receive a full refund for the item that wasn't delivered. We will let you know or suggest a substitute item if the delivery team can only make a partial delivery (a few products might not be accessible). Before delivery, you can reject a portion of your order and receive a refund.

Section 7            Information

  • You promise to give us correct and complete information whenever we ask for it in order to deliver Grocery Delivery, Products, or Services.
  • You have the right to get a copy of the personal data that we currently have on you. If you want to ask for this information, please get in touch with us.

Section 8            Linked Sites

  • Our website may contain a variety of connections to other websites run by third parties that you might find interesting. We neither guarantee the caliber of the products or services such third parties offer nor exercise any control over their availability or content. We are unable to assume any liability for the information on third-party websites, as well as any products or services they might offer you.

Section 9            Complaints

  • We treat complaints seriously and do our best to react to them within 3 working days.
  • Our hotline at +8801951515121 should be contacted with any complaints.
  • We won't take into consideration complaints that are older than six months from the present date.

Section 10           Limitation of Liability

  • The accuracy and error-freeness of the information on this website have been carefully checked. If there were any mistakes or omissions, we apologize. We must represent the website's complete functionality, accuracy, and reliability. We do not make any express or implied warranties that use of the website will be error-free, fit for purpose, timely, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or the server that makes it available is free of viruses or bugs.
  • By agreeing to these terms of use, you release us from any claims arising from your use of any third-party information, any third-party websites, or any of our goods.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim any and all obligations to you for the provision of grocery delivery, goods, and services. Your statutory rights as a consumer are unaffected by this. If we are held responsible for any loss or damage you suffer, our liability is only responsible for the price you paid for the particular Products or Services. We are unable to assume responsibility for any loss, damage, or expense, including any direct or indirect harm to you, such as a loss of earnings. This limitation of liability does not apply in cases of wrongful death or personal injury brought on directly by our carelessness.
  • We disclaim all responsibility for any interruptions, mistakes, deletions, or loss of information sent to you or your computer system via our website, including any viruses or other harmful code.
  • Our products are exclusively intended for individual, home, and consumer usage. As a result, we disclaim responsibility for any indirect losses, consequential losses, loss of data, lost income or profit, loss of property damage, and/or loss from third-party claims resulting from the use of the Website or the purchase of any goods or services from us.
  • We have done all our power to stop online fraud and ensure that any information we have about you is kept as securely and safely as possible. In the highly improbable event that a breach occurs in either our secure computer servers or those of third parties, we will not be held responsible.
  • If we have reason to believe that someone is abusing coupons, discount codes, or both, or if we suspect instances of fraud, we may instantly block the consumer (or customer), and we reserve the right to reject future service. Moreover, tazzabazar.com retains the right to seek restitution from any violators should coupons or promo codes be misused.
  • We reserve the right to revoke offers at any moment and without prior notice.

Section 11            General

  • Each cost is stated in Bangladeshi Taka.
  • Without your permission or any requirement to provide you notice, we may subcontract any part or parts of the Services or Products that we occasionally supply to you, and we may assign any part or parts of our rights under these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice to you.
  • Payment must be given in cash or by credit card when you order the delivery, goods, or services from us. Order cancellation will occur if payment is not received in a timely manner.
  • Avoid launching or using any automated programs or systems in connection with our website or its online ordering features;
  • Do not scrape or hack the website, publish or distribute any vouchers or codes related to the website, collect or harvest any personally identifiable information from the website, use communication systems provided by the website for any commercial solicitation purposes, or ask website users to submit content for any reason.
  • The Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, any order form, and payment instructions constitute our contract with you. There are no additional conditions, explicit or implicit, that may be included in this Agreement. These Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over any other term or condition on the Website in the event of any disagreement.
  • As a result of this, the parties agree that if any provision of our Agreement is found invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable, such provision shall be assumed to be deleted, and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in effect without such provision.
  • The laws of Bangladesh shall govern these terms and conditions and our agreement, and those laws shall be followed in their interpretation. The parties to this agreement agree to submit to the sole jurisdiction of the Bangladeshi courts.
  • We shall not be deemed to have waived any of our rights or remedies under the Agreement by any delay or failure to pursue those rights or remedies unless such waiver is acknowledged in writing.
  • All non-contractual duties resulting from or related to this contract, including these terms and conditions, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Bangladeshi law. We both agree to submit to the Bangladesh Courts' non-exclusive jurisdiction in this document. All transactions, correspondence, and communications between us must be made or carried out in English.